The first agent led challenger portal.

The core reason why OpenBrix is built on the blockchain is to decentralise the control.

Unlike other platforms, OpenBrix cannot raise prices or sell data that was not agreed upon by the majority of our community members.

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Establishing trust

Trust between estate agents and customers like never before

With complete transparency, comes trust. Tenants & buyers have a complete history of estate agents actions from maintenance issues to communications. And estate agents have a complete history of the tenants’ rental payment and deposit history. All this information is provided in a secure and transparent way.

Rewarding good behaviour

Incentivise good behaviour for everyone through rewards

Every OpenBrix tenant has the opportunity to earn rewards. For estate agents, rewarding good tenants will result in more cost effective property management for their business. For tenants with good rental payment history will mean better credit record and bonus loyalty rewards points, which can be spent in many large outlets across the world.

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