Transparency & secure transaction history for buyers and renters.

OpenBrix gives buyers more property information than any other portal, whilst being the only rental portal which can improve your credit history

We empower tenants, buyers and estate agents through transparent engagement and innovative technology.

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Improve your credit history

Credit history & reference checks

All transactions are recorded and will be on a secure ledger. If you are a tenant, prospective landlords can check your history, with your consent, without you having to share bank statements. If you are looking to buy, through our partnership with Credit Ladder, your monthly rent will be considered by mortgage companies and go towards your credit score.

Earn when you spend

Loyalty Points

OpenBrix can offer benefits to tenants unmatched by any other property portal. When you find your property through OpenBrix, you will be rewarded for paying your rent on time and other actions of good behaviour. Rewards which can be used and spent on over 300 brands, including Amazon, Uber, Adidas and many more.

Take back control

Transparency & data control

As a consumer, transparency in the market is something currently not prioritised. With OpenBrix, we put transparency at the heart of everything we do. View the recorded history of properties, agents & landlords from the day they joined the network.

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