The first agent led challenger portal

Take control of your clients' properties like never before! As members of the network, estate agents have full control of the information and data relating to their clients' properties.

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Cut out the middlemen

Direct access to customers

Our blockchain based peer to peer communication, removes all third party control, meaning you as the estate agent have uninterrupted, direct access to your customers. This will mean more effective business operations, and helps to keep the costs down.

community voting

Full control over price

Being a member of the community means that each estate agent on the platform, has a say and a vote on how OpenBrix works. Blockchain technology ensures that you have the power to decide on how we price the platform and how we utilise the data.

No hidden agendas

Data & Transparency

Bringing transparency of customer data to the property market is at the heart of everything we do at OpenBrix. Transparency coupled with decentralisation of control means that all parties on the network can interact and transact without intermediaries, whilst being fully informed at every step of the process.

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